CEO Message


 As CEO and founder of Royal Equestrian Resort, I welcome you to our website and would like to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts.

Equestrian is the only Olympic sport which is sympathetic with horses. As an exercise, leading to good results, giving a significant contribution to the development of physical as well as emotional stability. An attractive athletic life. Now, anyone can easily enjoy this facility at Royal Equestrian Club. There is increasingly public interest in horse riding, as horse riding is also part of our culture that's why since 2009, I have been running this club; Even though I do not ride horses.

Royal Equestrian Resort is only the one of its kind in the whole UAE. Royal Equestrian Club can open the "five-star Grand Convention of the International Equestrian sport with the highest standards. At Royal Equestrian Resort our customers are the heart of our business and we listen and respond to their concerns. Acting responsibly is an intrinsic part of what we do and it makes good business sense. We want to be successful, but we also want to make a difference. We build an inseparable relationship with our customers by understanding their needs and delivering services and training that they truly value.

With the decisions we’ve made this year, the strategy we’ve put in place, the organization we’ve built, the skilled talent we have, the unwavering trust reposed in us by our members and the sound fundamentals of our business model, we believe we are well-positioned to emerge successfully through the tough period ahead.

I invite you to open the door, tour our facility, meet our staff, and see how our club is impacting more than 1,000 Dubai youth yearly. We look forward to your visit!

Thank you.

Mustafa Ali bin Ahmed Amshan